Download Igniplexv3 Blogger Template With License Key

Free Download igniplexv3 Blogger Template With License Key

Download Igniplexv3 Blogger Template
Igniplex is one of the blogs that have the best blog designs or Blogger templates so far. In fact, many bloggers want a template with the same concept and design as the template used by It's no wonder because if you look at it from a design and layout perspective, this Igniplex Blogger template has a simple, elegant, and responsive design.

Taking the main theme with a green base color makes it look pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the eye so that you feel at home for a long time on Igniplex's blog. Not to mention that it is equipped with several superior features such as fast loading, SEO friendly, mobile friendly, dark mode, switch color theme, and many others.

To the extent that many bloggers always imitate the template design used by the blog. Even though as we know, Igniplex also has a paid premium Blogger template that is designed as closely as possible to the design used by the Igniplex blog, namely the Igniplex v3 template.

Even though it's not exactly the same, there are several features that aren't in the Igniplex template, such as the feature to switch theme colors, grids, list layouts on the home page, and so on. However, I think the Igniplex v3 template is very, very sufficient and the quality is above the average of other premium Blogger templates.

Latest Features of Igniplex v3 Blogger Template

The following are the features of the Igniplex v3 Premium template:

  1. Automatic TOC
  2. Automatically generated table of contents.
  3. Pagination (Page Split)
  4. Content can be divided into several pages. Usually, this feature is in WordPress. But now Blogger can try it using the Igniplex template.
  5. Anti-AdBlock
  6. Displays a notification if a visitor uses AdBlock.
  7. Sticky Widget
  8. The widget is in a floating position and will remain on top even though it has been scrolled down.
  9. Bookmark
  10. Widget to save your favorite links for later reading.
  11. Layout v3 and Widget v2
  12. This is the latest and most advanced version of the Blogger template. So it's obviously very up-to-date.
  13. Ad Position Guide
  14. Inside there are signs for placing ads. There are even ads that can be placed in the middle of the article automatically without the need to write any additional scripts.
  15. Super Light
  16. Are you serious! This template is made with Javascript which is quite complex so that its function does not burden the template. The settings are easy even for those of you who can't code.
  17. SEO Friendly
  18. No need to worry about adding meta tags because I have optimized them. Plus the positive effects of the v3 layout where the meta tags and default structure are good from the start.
  19. Valid Google Structured Data
  20. This data structure is important so that blogs can be more easily recognized by search engines.
  21. Mobile Friendly and Responsive
  22. These days Google likes good blogs when opened on mobile. The Igniplex template is very responsive so it's still cool when opened on a variety of different device sizes.
  23. Related Post Middle of Article and Bottom of Article
  24. This is great for lowering the bounce rate.
  25. Menu di header yang super keren!
  26. Infinite Scrolls.
  27. Numbered Page Navigation
  28. Custom Error Pages
  29. Pager Blog (Next Prev) with Article Title
  30. Breadcrumbs

Download the Igniplex v3 Premium template

Password of the File is

Download Guide and Message

If you are interested in trying and using this template, you can download the theme via the above link.

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